NCAA Clearinghouse Information


In order for athletes to practice, play or receive a scholarship at a NCAA Division I or II college, high school seniors must register with and be certified by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Registration can be completed at

  1. To be eligible students must complete 16 core course requirements with a certain grade standard and must also achieve a minimum score on either the ACT or SAT Reasoning Test. More detailed information about these requirements is available at

  2. Courses taken in one of the following ways may or may not be counted toward core by the NCAA:

    1. pass/fail courses

    2. independent study courses

    3. correspondence/online courses

  3. Students being recruited by a NCAA Division I or II college should registers with the Clearinghouse at the conclusion of their junior year. If not being recruited, students can wait until even after the end of their senior year before registering.

  4. Please check with our counselor if you have questions about whether a course will qualify as “core” for NCAA eligibility.