High School Supplies List

High School Supplies List
School Supplies List

Orcas Island High School Supply List

Supplies and Materials

The following is a list of basic equipment of the type that is needed for all classes.  Other items may be required for specific projects or classes:

1.  A sturdy 3-ring binder and dividers or another workable system to organize papers.

2. Pens and pencils. (Many teachers require pens to be either blue or black ink.)

3. Erasers.

4. One or more spiral notebooks.  Check with teachers to see what is preferred

5. Notebook paper (college ruled is preferred for some classes).

6. A calculator that you know how to use. You may want to check with math teachers to see if there is a certain type calculator that is preferred.

Freshmen and sophomores are encourage to purchase and use a student planner.  These are available in the school office and cost $10. Juniors and seniors may purchase one of these books as the supply allows. Many english classes will require a vocabulary book for a cost of $10 and PE locks will be available to PE students for $6.